New York Comphrensive Medical Care Website

Role: Project Manager & Developer

Team: Two friends who helped me develop the site

Timeline: June 2019 - July 2019

Technologies: Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Ratings, Inmotion Hosting


Taking the role of project manager, I learned a lot about being able to efficiently manage a team and staying on top of tasks that needed to be completed. I created a road map to visualize tasks and assigned weights to each one setting a precedence of which should be completed first. I conversed with the doctor and staff to gain insight as to how they wanted their site to be laid out and what functionality should be included. Within a coulpe weeks, I was able to provide NYCMC a fully functioning site equipped with the latest SEO and UX/UI design techniques. The website is used by 4,000 users every month and has drastically increased the amount of views since re-modeling their old website. To this day, I am still maintaining the website by keeping all plugins up to date and making sure that the site is accessible 24/7.


1) I used UX/UI and SEO techniques recognized by Google's ranking algorithm to increase the visibility and popularity of each of the websites I've created. Some examples of UX implemented into the website includes clear and simple navigation, and consistent color scheme across all the pages. I also considered the placement of many of the items on the website including pop up schedulers, pictures, or descriptions. As for SEO, I removed a lot of unnecessary tools and wording with the use of plugins.

2) I was highly involved in maintaining structure within the my team and clearly communicate any ideas we should implement into the website. I also communicated with the doctors and staff every day to receive feedback and constructive crticism regarding the styling or layout of the site. I took all of this into consideration and planned out tasks that should be completed by a set date. I organized times for which my team would meet and discuss any updates or problems we were facing and tackle them head on.

3) Google Analytics serves as a great way to analyze how well the website has been performing. With this data, my team is able to clearly recognize patterns and any ways we could better optimize the website. The page click statistics Google Analytics provided, helped communicate the importance of creating a pop up scheduler to help older patients easily schedule an appointment with the doctor instead of navigating through the site to find the schedule button.